Saturday, December 25, 2010

12 Beers of Xmas - On the twelfth day of Christmas...

On the twelfth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me...a Red Hill Brewery Double Barrel Oak Aged Christmas Ale...

My love for Victoria's Red Hill Brewery knows no end. Therefore, it is pure joy to end our beery Christmas with the sublime and super potent Double Barrel Aged Christmas Ale (2010 release)!

A brilliant clear amber-almost-red colour, with a bit fruity flavour, medium-to-low carbonation and a very low body, this is a marvellously dangerous sipper because it is so easy to drink yet super potent with its 10.1% ABV. The complexity of this brew is fantastic...and I definitely prefer it to the regular Red Hill Brewery Christmas Ale.

The brandy character from the barrel ageing is clearly present in all aspects of the beer...aroma, taste, body and...awesomeness. The finish is reasonably short...but the depth and complexity of this beautiful and well balanced Belgian Strong all is all you need after a day of Christmas drinking!

Oh yes, I believe that this beer is the PERFECT alternative to a Christmas evening whisky!

Beer Joy.

I will be cellaring our second bottle for drinking on Christmas Day 2011.


Red Hill Barrel Aged Christmas Ale with a Holgate Temptress BEERimisu dessert!!

Alt Christmas Song of the Day: "Christmas Night of the Living Dead" by MXPX

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  1. Nice, think I might just save mine for Xmas '11 as well. yum,