Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Beer - Red Hill Brewery Temptation

"Another warm weekend in Melbourne makes for another afternoon perfect for relaxing and enjoying a quality cold ale" what I thought, as I walked into the Randall The Wine Merchant shop in Hawthorn.

Wandering to the beer fridge at the back of the shop, I found a decent assortment of local craft beers, but nothing new to me. Nevertheless, I selected a beer that I knew deserved a review...and would also match the day's weather. And this was Red Hill Temptation, a strong Belgian style Golden Ale, which I had first tried a few months back, enjoyed and was keen to drink again.

From the 330ml bottle, the Temptation poured a hazy golden colour with big thick pure white head that held very well, giving the appearance of a classic Belgian beer.

The aroma was light but excellent and the first taste confirms that this is a quality beer, well crafted with plenty to offer any interested beer lover.

Light in texture yet full of flowery flavour with beautiful hops, a touch of banana and a good hit of spice. Possibly the only thing letting it down (but not by much) is that the Temptation is a little too light in the mouth, maybe a bit watery. However, this is accounted for by the delicious flavour. Plenty of carbonation.

The 8% alcohol is initially very evident, possibly too strong on the first few mouthfuls. However, it actually becomes very well balanced the more you drink, disappearing into a crisp finish.

Sitting outside in the sun definitely suits this relaxing beer. I could have put away two (maybe more) very easily and have been extremely satisfied.

Clearly, the "Temptation" name comes from the strong desire to have another as soon as you finish one! A very dangerous temptation, given how easily drinkable the beer is with such a high alcohol content. I drank it too quickly...and wanted more.

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