Thursday, August 2, 2012

Beer - #IPADay ...hop to it!

Today is IPA Day, a social media celebration of craft beer through a global collective toast to the India Pale Ale.

To learn all about IPA Day, read my article on Australian Brews News - "IPA Day the Second" - which was published this morning in honour of the day.

How can you hop on IPA Day? Easy... simply share your IPA (or hoppy craft beer) photos, videos, blog posts, tasting notes, recipes, and thoughts with the world via Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, and other social media platforms using the #IPADay hashtag. If you're not into such social media things, then just drink an India Pale Ale beer today!

Tonight I will post a review of a local crafty IPA. Mmm...thirsty.

Until then, to help stimulate the tongue, here is a visual post of some hoppy-style beer "art" via the social media app pixlr-o-matic, which have been consumed in Beer Bar Band land during 2012....

image of Red Hill Brewery Queen's Diamond Jubilee British IPA
Image of AIBA Gold Medal winner Mountain Goat Rye IPA

This photo-set has shown me that I tend to drink IPAs from a tulip glass. FAIL, it seems! According to much of the beer literature I have read over the last few days, the appropriate glass for an India Pale Ale is actually a pint or tumbler! So yes, enjoy your IPA today by the pint (or tumbler)!

Image of the Clock Tower IPA from True South
The Clock Tower IPA from True South.

Mmm delicious hybrids. Black IPA or White IPA? BLACK IPA (...sorry..."American Black Ale") WINS! I am yet to enjoy a White IPA, but I love any attempt by a brewer to bring new life and character to beer styles.
image of blogger with the doctors Orders Plasma White IPA and Mountain Goat/Mikkeller collaboration, Gypsy and the Goat Pepperberry Black IPA in each hand
Dark and light IPA side by side, the Doctors Orders Plasma White IPA and the Mountain Goat/Mikkeller collaboration...Gypsy & the Goat Pepperberry Black IPA

And then there are the magnificent Red IPAs...

IPA, such a wonderfully versatile style of beer...just like good beer as a whole, deliciously diverse!

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