Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Beer - SHARE THIS: Elbow Skin Beer Song

In the eternal battle for better beer across this country, everyone's favourite local craft beer champion, The Crafty Pint, and trusty sidekick, The Wobbly Thong, have joined forces with Melbourne comedy duo, Elbow Skin, to create an official music video for Good Beer Week.

The video was primarily filmed during the brew day of the "Abbotsford Brew" collaboration beer between Mountain Goat, Moon Dog Craft Brewery and Matilda Day Brewing Company (read about that on Brews News at: Goat Dog Bay Collaboration Day). Some of Melbourne's best craft beer destinations provide the locations for this video, including the Mountain Goat and Moon Dog breweries, as well as The Royston and The Courthouse Hotel.

In my mind, this video may not quite be helping with the image of it essentially supports the typical beer-ad bogan-ish stereotype of beer drinking males (but it's comedy, hey?). Nevertheless, it's a bundle of fun and a very well made clip! Love the lyrics.

"Behold, behold...this liquid of gold..."

Beer Song by ElbowSkin from Alister Robbie on Vimeo.

Tremendous editing and post-production by Alister Robbie! Considering the huge marketing budgets of the macro brewing companies and the types of TV ads they regularly spin out...I wonder if they are scratching their hungover heads as they try and compute how such a fun ad for beer has been created on zero budget! The small team behind this beer song video created this ramshackle production by simply enjoying good beer...and the result is GOLD!

Let's get it out there...for the sake of BEER! (...and YES...we drink it in the morning!)

Swallow it down:


  1. Hang on, how did I end up the sidekick?

  2. Ummm...because you're not as fat? Or maybe it was that red top you were wearing: