Monday, May 16, 2011

Beer - Good Beer Week is GO

The first Good Beer Week starts today (like, now!) in Melbourne and across Victoria. *excite*

What's it all about?

Over the next 7 days, Melbourne's breweries, bars, venues and beer retail outlets are showcasing the wonderful world of good beer with events, special deals, fun incentives and good beer friendly environments.

The week also coincides with the Australian International Beer Awards (AIBA), which are announced at a gala dinner on Friday night. This also means that many luminaries from the Australian-wide and global beer industry are either in Melbourne or have their eye on they wait to hear which beers (including 550 international entries) have been awarded gold in 2011.

What When Where How Why?

Everything you need to know about Good Beer Week can be found on the GBW website:

Even more GBW information, insights and news can discovered at The Crafty Pint:

You can also follow the live action via the twitter hashtag #GBW

But beer is beer?

No...GOOD BEER is not "just beer". Beer is diverse and interesting!

Good beer has flavour (LOADS of flavour), character, depth, complexity, length. Good beer is very interesting...and much fun.

If anything...the ultimate aim of the week is to really open up good beer to everyone. Therefore, if there is only one thing you get out of this week...please make it the decision to try a beer that you have never tasted before.

James loves Good Beer...

I'll be around here and as many Good Beer Week event's and bars that I can get too...and maybe even a few sneaky say hi if you spot me...

So Melbourne, I commend you to go somewhere with beer that you have never been before...and have a very Good Beer Week!



  1. seems like you had a good time over good beer week, and in the running for the crafty pint and bridge road contests.
    hope you have pulled up alright after it all. will be interesting to see what stories you have to put up on this blog...well, what you can remember. what was the favourite beer you tried over the week?
    See you round the t(r)aps!

  2. Absolutely, John. It was excellent to meet you. I am fully drained now! Am very keen to get a bunch of posts online asap, but it's fully a matter of lacking available time. Hopefully the weekend will provide a fruitful writing experience. I was just far too busy last week to get anything online actually during GBW, which frustrated me. Hope to catch up again soon for a beer.