Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Beer - Meantime Coffee Porter update

In my last post, I mentioned that I was seeking clarification from Meantime Brewing Company on the status of their wonderful Coffee Porter, because all content about this beer has disappeared from their website.

I have promptly received the following response from Meantime Director, Peter Haydon:

"Following our move (to Meantime's new brewery last year) decided to delist coffee. Not because we couldn’t replicate it, but because we needed to simplify our operations for a number of reasons and coffee’s volumes were such that it was the obvious candidate to go. However, should we get an export order that means we can brew a sufficient quantity and ship it out of the warehouse in one go then we shall produce it. It is a gold medal winner (World Beer Cup 2006), but I’m afraid tough decisions have to be made."

So good news! We may not see the Coffee Porter on the shelves as much now, but it will still be around as they brew it ad hoc according to demand. Furthermore, Innspire (who hold the import and distribution contract for Meantime in Australia) confirm that a new shipment is on the way. Excellent.

If you haven't tried this beer yet, give it a go (best on a cooler day or for dessert) and help raise the local demand so more Coffee Porter is brewed!

In related news, Meantime's founder and Head Brewer, Alastair Hook, was recently in Australia and made his way to The Local Taphouse Darlinghurst for a beer. You can read more on the Local Taphouse blog at:

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