Friday, February 11, 2011

Beer & Bar - Local Taphouse GABS on Untappd

Following on from yesterday's blog post about this Saturday's Great Australian Beer SpecTAPular (GABS), The Local Taphouse has now announced that they have partnered with the creators of the iPhone/Adroid web-App, Untappd, to develop an Untappd badge specifically for this event.

Untappd have confirmed that all the beers and breweries available at GABS have been pre-loaded, ready for the event, so it should be a hassle-free task to search for and check in each beer as you drink it.

I have unfortunately experienced a number of Untappd haters across the twitter-sphere and broader online universe. They seem to disapprove of this FourSquare-based Social Networking Web-App for reasons such is simplistic/undescriptive and somehow unhelpful to the debate/fight for better beer.

Personally, I like the idea of Untappd as a memory device and social networking resource. I do not use Untappd to review beers or educate people about beer. I enjoy using Untappd as a record of the WHAT, WHERE and WHEN of my own beer journey.

Furthermore, I like to see what my friends are drinking, as sometimes it leads to a new beer discovery. Finally, Untappd can help spark (yes, only spark) conversation and engagement regarding those beers.

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If it is not your thing, that's fine...leave it be and indulge in whatever is your thing.

ALSO...more good GABS news just at hand...with 2 Brothers Brewery announcing that their new seasonal, "The Guvnor" (English Barley Wine, 11%-ish abv) will now be included on the GABS tap line-up! ROCK!

Read more about The Guvnor on The Crafty Pint at:

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