Monday, June 7, 2010

Beer - BrewBoys GT Lager

Due to my recent journey through some incredibly rich and bold beers, high in alcohol volume and explosive flavours, this weekend I was in the state-of-mind to refresh my memory and palate by returning to a classic Aussie draught beer taste. Hence, I picked up a GT Lager by South Australia's BrewBoys.

BrewBoys have made this beer in honour of the Ford XW Falcon GT, with a 5.8% abv for the car's 5.8L motor and 35.1 bitterness units for the 351 cubic inches of the V8 engine. (I'm not that interested in cars and motor sports, so whilst it is a clever marketing tactic, it is not something that would really attract me to the product on face value. However, as a beer-bottle collector, it's certainly a choice acquisition for one's collection.)

Pouring the GT Lager into a glass, it provided very little head but looked wonderfully crisp and crystal clear, with a quality amber/gold colour and great consistency in appearance.

The aroma of a classic pub lager was immediately evident, reminding me of a Carlton Draught but slightly smoother (and nicer). The Carlton Draught comparison continued into the taste. However, the GT Lager is certainly crisper, cleaner, light in the mouth and easier to drink. Although, it still ends up being something of a standard lager in the end. Yes, it is well made...but it does not offer much else than a neat malt lager. Nonetheless, it has a clean finish and is fairly refreshing.

Uninspiring in taste, the GT Lager is not a special beer, but it is a good drink and certainly compares well in terms of the often difficult and inconsistent lager style coming out of local microbreweries who dare attempt it. I suspect the most appealing part of this beer is its collectibility for Ford lovers.

I'd be happy to have a session with the GT Lager, in preference to drinking any other macro lager. Ultimately, I believe this beer would deservedly perform best as a tap beer to be drunk at sporting events or in a sports bar.

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  1. James,
    I had the GT on tap at The Taphouse last weekend - there's a bit more going on in the draught version - and while at Purvis I picked up a GT and their very nice tribute to that other classic Aussie beast, Charger. Will have them as a side-by-side muscle car taste off!