Thursday, April 15, 2010

Beer - Bridge Road Brewers Hans Klopek's Hefe Weizen

A quick beer blog to celebrate the birthday of Bridge Road Brewer's Ben Kraus with a CHEERS!

As mentioned in my last Weekend Catchup, I picked up a Bridge Road Hans Klopek's Hefe Weizen from Purvis Cellars on Friday night (and drank it on Saturday night).

I believe this beer was formerly labelled as the "Bavarian Wheat Ale", which I struggled to like...not because it was a bad beer...but I found the wheat flavour a little too sharp and there was possibly too much vanilla (instead of sweetness from banana) in the brew. I will note, however, that the Hefeweizen is not my preferred style of beer (I'm not big on “white” beers in general). I find them to be very hit and miss, sometimes far too wheaty, but I still have much to learn about the style.

Poured from a 330ml bottle into a tall pot glass, the Hans Klopek's Hefe Weizen presented a very nice cloudy golden colour. Despite a very small head on the beer, it simply looked tasty.

The aroma was of wheat and cloves, with banana sweetness...a classic Hefeweizen fragrance.

Light and flavoursome in the mouth, medium-to-low carbonation and a nice trace of something a little spicy. Easy drinking, this is a thirst quenching beer, but probably not sessional for me.

The excellent banana characteristics certainly lend this beer to the potential of a "breakfast beer". Will have to try that out sometime, maybe with pancakes? The Bridge Road website suggests maybe matching this beer with giant pretzels, which I can definitely see as working well.

I'm still not sold, personally, on the Hefeweizen style, but I can tell that this is indeed a good beer. And the more I try (including the quality ones I've had from Red Hill, Moo Brew, Mountain Goat and Burleigh Brewing) the more I am finding that there is definitely a place in a day (or on a menu) for this beer.

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