Monday, March 29, 2010

Beer - Weekend Catch-up

So...hi...I have realised that making regular posts here is far from easy. As much as I'd love to make this blog my top priority, it's actually about forth behind (1) home-life/entertainment, (2) work and (3) drinking good beer whilst staying healthy.

Therefore, I shall add some regular "weekend catch-up" posts to this blog so I can quickly mention those beers/bars/bands that I experience over the weekends, when I generally get out and try/visit/hear something new and/or different...which there has been plenty of lately! Hence, I feel like I am missing out on sharing much good...stuff!  Then...those worthy (good or bad) of a full blog post will get the proper attention when I have a moment to spare. we go...backtracking to this weekend's beer joy...

Friday night was Rapunzel night at the Mountain Goat Brewery's Goat Bar, as they showcased their rare Belgium Strong Pale Ale with three versions of the brew available on tap. Having already tired the regular "Blonde" a few weeks back, on this visit I had the:
  • Oaked version (aged 9 months in French oak chardonnay barrel)
  • Randy version (with mango and nutmeg in the Randy)
Nothing short of sensational. Full review of the Oaked to come soon!

There was also a 6 of Grand Ridge Gippsland Gold, thanks to a good price at Dan Murphys (and no other decent choices available). My love/hate relationship with this beer continues. The first is always excellent, but it doesn't seem to hold it’s consistency through the next couple. I know it's highly regarded, but it's rather sweet...and's just not sessional for me, despite the Grand Ridge team describing it as "easy drinking, thirst quencing".

Popped into Slowbeer on Saturday evening, where I picked up and later drank...
  • Steam Exchange Brewery India Pale Ale – very good clear copper colour, nice and hoppy but there was also a lot of malt, solid body, a little sticky and quick low in carbination but a strong clean finish. Nice
  • BrewBoys Maiden Ale – very nice deep amber colour, light in the mouth, well balanced, tasty but not complex or anything really special. Very drinkable though.
  • Hargreaves Hill Hefeweizen – had drunk too much by the time I got to this one to make any decent notes, but I liked it. Not the best Hefeweizen I’ve had though (…I think).

Also bought a Malt Shovel Brewery Mad Brewers Orchard Ale Saison (640ml bottle), mainly for the sake of adding it to my bottle collection and which I’ll probably crack next weekend (over Easter). Excited about visiting the Red Hill Brewery this coming Easter weekend as well!

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