Saturday, March 10, 2012

Beer - I am a Beer Snob! Sorta...

Earlier this week, fellow social media addict Tif (aka @beergirlbites) brought to my attention this little gem of an internet meme - Annoying Beer Snob

Now that's a strangely familiar photo ...haha! Some of my favourites are...

Seriously, I love it. If you can forgive the Americanisms...then in the words of Dewey Cox, "Guilty as Charged"!

I'm honoured to be the subject...and hey, I own it! It's damn funny...because yes, it's so often true...not always of me, but of any clichés of culture or collective of enthusiasts in general.

I do my best to be balanced when sharing beer stuff with people, but sometimes the beer snob rolls out because some beer is so amazingly good whilst other beer...well, you'd just never it drink again!

I'm on a journey to experience as many beers as possible from across the globe in search of the best and most delicious/enjoyable, whilst specifically focusing on supporting the local Australian brewing industry. I will claim a point of difference from many of the hardcore beer snobs that I have come across over the last few years...I do still drink the macro lagers that I "grew up" on, like VB and Melbourne Bitter...there's always a time a place for those (...usually a dirty rock pub gig!). Oh...and should I mention my curiously strong predisposition to always have a pint of XXXX at the pub when we visit the wife's hometown in regional Queensland...

A pint of XXXX Bitter at The Rising Sun Hotel in Rosewood, QLD

The choice of photo for this Annoying Beer Snob meme is probably the only questionable part. I mean...pretending to drink a Slowbeer growler with a straw whilst dressed in my AFL footy gear (Go Bombers!)? Seems more like a doofus/bogan move! A better beer snob image would be of one drinking a Bourbon Barrel Aged Barleywine from a branded snifter glass whilst wearing a cravat (hmmm...I must do that soon, now that I have those Central Waters Bourbon Barrel Barleywines that I scored from BJ Seidel last week. Where's my cravat? Might just have to dust of my vest instead.)

It's a shame they didn't pick up on some of the more wanky posey photos that showcase my beer snob tendencies this one, from Good Beer Week last year:

Nice boneheading, Klara!

Anyways, well done to the Internet for more random hilarity! Where would we be without it?! (...probably doing something intelligent or useful...pfft...)

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  1. ah James, I think the ridicule comes more from the black and red scarf rather than the beer!