Friday, September 2, 2011

Beer - Father's Day - You may as well buy him plain socks

Around here, the latest bus stop poster advertisements from liquor superstore Dan Murphy's suggest that you "Buy Dad what he really wants" for Father's Day...and displays a bottle and full glass of Coopers 62.


Such a gift is bland, uninteresting and cheap in terms of both product and meaning/thought! Is that how you thank your dad? You may as well be a disappointing cliché and gift him some socks.

Ok, so some people don't have the best relationship with the parentals, Yes, maybe grey socks or a stinky yellow liquid is appropriate.

For those who wish to acknowledge and celebrate their father for the journey of life, how about you give Dad some local craft beer!

The journey that one can discover in the diverse styles and characteristics of craft beer can be a nice analogy for the journey of life. (sorry, was that too wanky?)

If your Dad enjoys the Cooper's 62 style, here are some suggestions of comparative craft beer drops that will help separated your gift giving prowess from the mundane masses whilst supporting small and worth Aussie businesses:

These beers are not hard to find around Victoria these days. Several of them are stocked readily by the big beer warehouses (Dan Murphys, 1st Choice) as well as Vintage Cellars and Cellarbrations.

Alternatively, just visit one of the bottle shops listed on The Crafty Pint's website at:

Material gifts are good for some, but experiences live forever. The last time I tasted Coopers 62 it was experienceless, unlike every time I try a new craft beer.

In today's flourishing market, there is always another beer worth trying! Does Dad know that yet...

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  1. well said James, could not agree with you more. That said my Dad is rather partial to a Crownie or a VB. I can add that he loves the Red Hill pills they put out in the next month or two.

    Ah well I'll keep working on him, just perhaps not with the 100+IBU IPA conditioning right now