Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Beer - A Melbourne Good Beer Week Prelude

Fantastic beery events across this city continue to provide Melbourne with the right to claim the title of Australia's craft beer capital.

This week promises to be a mini-preview of the (under-development) Good Beer Week, which will occur across Melbourne in May in conjunction with the Australian International Beer Awards.

This week includes:
  • Thursday: Murray's Craft Brewing Showcase at Beer DeLuxe, from midday, which will also launch a new set of beer taps at the Beer DeLuxe bar (along with the end of a Peroni contract tap presence! hoorah!); Federation Square Victorian Microbreweries Showcase Night #2, 4:30pm-8:00pm; plus plenty of St Patricks Day events throughout Melbourne pubs...I recommend enjoying a pint of Guinness at a geniune Irish Pub, the only way to really enjoy a Guinness. Try and avoid buying cans of Guinness from those national liquour superstores if you want to have a proper Guinness stout taste experience. Irish Pubs take pride in pouring a true pint of Guinness. The Dan O'Connell in Collingwood is my pick for a good St Pat's night out.

As always, I'll be at whatever beer events I can get to (am definitely locked in to be at both Fed Square Microbreweries Showcase nights once again!). If you see me...please say hi and tell me what is good and bad about beers, bars and bands across Australia...



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  2. Ok got that arse about, thought didnt read that lot properly and thought they were pouring Murrays next to Peroni, knew that would make Murray spit and it didnt sound right.

    I'll be a the Vic Micro brewery showcase tomorrow, see you there. The rest of week may be a bit much as I have to fit in suit shopping and a footy tipping draft night with the boys. Will be hurting.

    Also good work on the bottle of Tall Poppy IRA, excellent beer, give it time to wake up.

  3. Vic microbreweriesw showcase beers of note from tonight - Cavalier Wizen, the Bright Rasberry Lambic and the IPA or Saison from Peninsular. The other usual suspects were also worth a go, but if you've been there before you'll know them so I wont tell you how to suck eggs

  4. I'm right with you there, Darren! The Cavalier Weizen and Bright Raspberry Lambic were excellent. I'll be back tonight to try the Mornington Saison. I was being far too random and scattered last night...wrecked my palate too quickly because I was just too excited, as always. ha.

    Did you try the Mountain Goat Thorny Goat Black IPA?

  5. yep, I liked it, but more the nose rather than the taste. I'd like to see how it ages, with the small amount made that will be unlikley. What about the Bridge Rd Red Rocket? I had it at the Aussie Spectapular and last night, the barel may have had a bug or two in it.