Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Beer - Fed Square Microbreweries Showcase #2

My weekend starts tomorrow evening...and I am excited to be attending the Fed Square Microbreweries Showcase for the 2nd time, after first experiencing this event back in March (which I blogged about here).

Beginning in 2009, it is the forth time this twice-yearly event has been held...and I can not recommend it enough to anyone and everyone who is even slightly interested in beer!

For newbies to the craft beer scene, this Microbreweries Showcase is a brilliant way to discover what craft beer is all about. Right in front of you, within Federations Square's Atrium, you can see, taste and compare the diversity and difference offered by craft beer. Many will also be captivated by the characters and passionate people behind these beers and breweries, who are doing excellent things for Victorian culture, tourism and beer in general.

For those craft beer lovers who are well versed in the Victorian microbreweries industry and may be wondering why they should bother - when looking at the list of Breweries attending, you may think you've tried them all - disregard that thought because there is plenty of new and/or rare brews on offer, as well as exciting news to learn and insights to gain. Further, the events provides you with a brilliant opportunity to mix and mingle directly with the people creating those beers you love...and may want to know more about.

I actually went along to the March event in the frame of mind that I would not discover much that I did not already know. Thankfully, I quickly discovered that I was wrong and pleasantly surprised by the unique and diverse offerings from breweries I was already very familiar with...and a couple I had never experienced before.

For example, this occasion will mark the first appearance of Beacon Brewing Company (the reborn microbrewery from the Scottish Chiefs Tavern Brewery in Geelong) and Brunswick's Thunder Road Brewing Company.

I am particularly looking forward to trying this year's batch of the Bridge Road Brewers Galaxy Single Hop IPA, which I feel in love with last year (and Bridge Road were sadly missed at the March Showcase, due to liquor licensing, so it is great to see them back this time round), as well as the new Imperial Pilsner from my local, Mountain Goat...I have never tried an Imperial style Pilsner before!

As there is so much happening within the local beer scene at the moment (new beers and bars left, right and centre!), I suspect my pending weekend may also involve a few beers at Beer DeLuxe (who are offering beer cocktails for those looking to kick of - if possible - after the Microbreweries Showcase next door), whilst I soak in the Melbourne International Arts Festival, and maybe even a sneaky trip back to Biero Bar.

At home...I also have 3 bottles of this season's Red Hill Brewery "Temptation" Belgian Strong Golden Ale waiting to be consumed on a warm and sunny Spring day...and this weekend is looking promising for that! After reviewing last year's release of the Temptation back at the start of this blog, I am awfully excited to finally be able to compare personal notes on a seasonal release.

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